The Secret of The Horton Vision Crossbow

Did Horton invent the best crossbow with the Vision line? Although the company is no longer producing the product, there are still some great features and specifications that went into this product. Many people who own it are still fully satisfied. But, what exactly makes this bow so superior to the rest?

Breaking down greatness

Archers know a good thing when they purchase it if they are skilled at knowing what to look for. Rarely will someone just pick up a bow and label it the best crossbow ever invented. However, there are some serious differences. Because of the narrow dimension, the Vision can be fired from tree stands with ease. It has virtually seamless molding. Another amazing fact is how inexpensive the weapon is. You can decide how magnificent the specifications are for yourself.

• 8 pounds in total weight

• 34 – ½ inches in length and a 19 inch width

• Only 175 pounds in draw weight

• Energy 78.9

• Impressive 5.5 pound trigger pull

• A stroke of 12 – ¾ inches

People are still rambling about it

In some crossbow reviews, people have fired from over 30 feet away and had the accuracy and grouping as if they were only a few feet away. Being that the bow is so lightweight, you will not hear about hunters becoming fatigued easily while carrying it on a hot trail. Balance is everything to the expert archer. The secret of the Vision may be in how well rounded it is. If you are looking for a quiet weapon, you found it in this item. Upgrading and modifications are able to be done without a lot of tedious work involved. A 20 inch arrow is the recommended addition to compliment the Horton item.

Consumers seem to know why

The archery world has gone on and on about the 325 fps the arrow travels when taking a shot. Some of the perks include a CNC machined cam, dual ball bearings, ability to be accurate in a brush as well as tree stand, double sided safety, and an endless warranty on the limbs. A novice archer can use this weapon. Cleaning is simple. If an 8 point buck gets in your site, there won’t be any issue or question if this is the bow to drop the animal quickly. The only real downside is they no longer make the product and if you dry fire, the damage can be irreversible. Revisions were done to ensure the string held up when you needed it to before they stopped producing the line.


Just to be sure, the fine print must be read

As long as the maintenance is kept up and all the equipment is used properly per manual suggestions, the durability cannot be topped by other products being made currently. There is good news even though the line stopped being made. Because of popularity, sales are everywhere right now. Bonus items are included to get your next hunt started without much extra packing. Even though newer products are being made every day for the archery world, some still consider this weapon to be the best crossbow for their needs.

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