Hunting With a Crossbow or Rifle?

When you envision being on a hunting trip, do you see the best crossbow on the market or a rifle in your hands? Avid sportsmen usually have a preference, but some like using both depending on the season.

Knowing the effects of your hunting weapon

Before making the final call on what weapon to use, it would be wise to know exactly what each weapon will do to the prey as well as the effect on the hunter. Perhaps you do not care for the noise. Once a shot is taken with a rifle, the sound will carry and scare away immediate prey. If you invest in the best crossbow as opposed to a gun, the noise difference may allow you to continue hunting in the same area. However, there are some advantages to both.

Using your crossbow

• Quieter

• Arrows are able to be used more than one time

• Does not always have to be registered

• Some states do not make you have a license to keep them

• Handicap persons find this to be less physically stressful

• Less recoil than the rifle so it is easier on the shoulder when firing

• Less damaging to the meat if it is a clean kill

• Said to be easier to master aim and skill

Using your rifle

• Shoot from farther distances

• Bullet reaches animal quicker which leads to better possibility of a kill

• Ammunition doesn’t take up the space arrows do

• Reloading is faster than pulling back and setting eventhe best crossbow

• Less tiring than loading the crossbow because of the draw weight

• Ammo is less expensive per shell compared to per arrow

• Modified scopes are more accurate for long distance shooting

Preference says it all


People tend to stick with what they know and really enjoy. Not many people will enjoy retrieving an arrow if it accidently hits a tree. A bullet would just remain there without the extra time. However, a bullet can ruin entire sections of an animal if it shatters bone and there is always a chance of pieces being missed in the skinning process. The bullet could pass through and hit something far beyond what you aimed for. An arrow will not go that distance. If you gave the greatest rifle around to several different hunters, the opinions will vary. Especially while reading crossbow reviews. Using a bow is usually started sooner than rifle season in several states. Hunters that want to get a head start usually are bias because of that. Also, the length of time a bow can be used by regulation is longer than the rifle’s allotted time.I was reading this post at  about hunting with crossbow and rifle.

The final decision could come down to a historical preference. Hunters used the arrow long before the bullet. There is something primal using your physical strength to bring home dinner or win a trophy in competition. The rifle does not fully rely on physical elements. A child that has been trained can load a gun easier than pull back a string. Try them both to see what you like. Just remember, practice with a high quality rifle or the best crossbow you can afford.

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